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About Us


5 1THE MISSION of the The Boys Initiative is to shed light on underachievement among boys and young men, to foster dialogue and debate about it, and collaborate on solutions with those who are committed to the futures of our nation's youth. Our goal is to accomplish this mission by partnering and building coalitions with organizations that represent the interests of girls and women, boys and men, parents and teachers and adolescent health care providers, among a host of other individuals, organizations and professionals devoted to the well being of our nation's youth. The Boys Initiative does not endorse or advocate for any particular point of view or proposed solution.

Adult males were once young men, who were once boys. The adult that emerges is shaped by all phases of life, but most profoundly so by the experiences of boyhood and adolescence. To ensure that adult males lead meaningful and successful lives we must therefore focus first on boys and young men, and how they are shaped by their experiences during these periods of their lives. Our focus is on boys and young men, from K through post secondary education.


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 The Boys Initiative was founded in 2008 by a group of researchers, community leaders and other individuals involved in boys issues who believed that such an effort was needed and could play an important role in society.  Since 2010, the organization's programs and activities have greatly expanded. The Boys Initiative is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia.