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Facts & Figures

Click on the following topics for more information. For the most recent data on the status of boys, review the Study and Proposal to Create a White House Council on Boys to Men.

Failure to Launch
Failure to Launch is becoming a matter of growing concern to many parents

Students cannot be expected to excel in an atmosphere of fear, yet that is exactly the challenge that thousands of boys face everyday.

Dropping Out
Information about boys' higher drop-out rates, failure rates, and lower college attendance.

Educational Achievement 
The most alarming trend in boys' educational outcomes is how far behind boys have fallen in reading and writing.

Health and Wellness 
Boys are more likely than girls to have chronic health conditions which limit their ability to walk, care for themselves, or participate in other activities.  Their attitudes and behaviors regarding sex and sexuality also differ.

Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders
Studies have shown that boys are more prone to learning disabilities and behavioral disorders such as ADD and ADHD than girls.

Mental Health and Suicide
Boys experience socio-emotional difficulties at a rate almost twice that of girls. (Socio-emotional difficulties are defined as, "moderate to severe difficulties with emotions, concentration, behavior, or getting along with other people.")

Boys may need different motivators to achieve

Risky Behaviors 
Trends in alcoholism, drug abuse, and criminal activity.