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Policy Program

Boys’ and young men’s issues are affected by public policy in a number of areas and at a number of levels, from the local school board to the federal government.  For example, in the area of education both education reform and federal funding for higher education have become areas of major focus and debate.  Changes in either of these areas will have a direct impact on the education of boys and young men.  In the area of health, governmental bodies at all levels continue to struggle with issues concerning reproductive health, from the HPV vaccine for boys to school counseling on sexuality and contraception.  How families and schools address the issues of bullying and suicide among boys and young men involves matters of public policy.

Although The Boys Initiative does not endorse or advocate for any particular approach for improving the lives of boys and young men, it does advocate for public dialogue on the issue of boys and young men, and encourages parents, teachers and others to become engaged in relevant public policy debates at all levels.  Ultimately, public policy only changes when the public itself becomes engaged in the civic process and advocates for change.

To that end, The Boys Initiative will provide information and tools to advocates at all levels that are committed to improving the lives of boys and young men.  These will be found within the Policy section of our website.  Inquiries for information and assistance can also be sent to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..