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National Affinity Network

The Boys Initiative launched its National Affinity Network in March 2011. The purpose of the network is twofold: to facilitate the creation of local groups of parents, teachers and others with an interest in boy's issues and to help insure their success through information exchange and other resources.

Acting independently, many such local groups throughout the country have already established themselves as respected advocates for boy's issues within their communities.

While the Network has been an important element of the Initiative's program plan since its inception, the stimulus for fast-tracking its implementation has been the apparent need for it; since its launch in February 2011, the Initiative has been contacted by a number of individuals throughout the country who have either participated in the development of such groups or wish to initiate one.

What the Network Does

The Network is web-based. TBIN will serve as its national coordinator and information clearinghouse. Among other things, the Network will provide the following resources to local organizations that participate in it:
  • "How to" models for organizing parents, teachers and others at the local level;

  • Concise information on the scope of the problem and potential solutions to it;

  • Access to studies, news articles and other media on various aspects of the problem;

  • Continual updates on the efforts of other local participants as well as other local and national organizations;

  • Continual updates on developments within the larger field of boys issues;

  • Ability to communicate and share information with other members of the network;

  • Access to speakers and experts who can assist local efforts; and

  • Access to models that have demonstrated success in addressing the problem. 

How To Become a Member of the Network

Individuals or organizations that are interested in joining the network are encouraged to do so. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

National Affinity Network Members

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Participants in other countries

275 National Affinity Network Members